Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter








It’s part two of Movie Fight! This time it’s big blockbuster franchises which one is better: the action-packed Lord of the Rings or the mystical, magical Harry Potter? 

High School Musical 2 vs. Grease









It’s Movie Fight time! This part one of a two parter explores summer musicals! So which one do you think is better: the cheesy High School Musical 2 or the dramatic Grease? 


Summer Blockbusters

Image 4

During the Summer one of the most popular things is to go to the movies! There are plenty of movies coming out this Summer so we at KSUniverse want to know: Are you excited for the new blockbusters? 

Cedar Point vs. Kings Island

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In Ohio there’s two great amusement parks that people love going to during the long summer days. We at KSUniverse want to know: Which one is better, Sandusky’s Cedar Point or Mason’s Kings Island? 

Summer Romance

Image 1It’s almost summertime which means beaches, lemonade and even a hint of love! We at KSUniverse want to know: Do you think summer is the perfect time for romance?


Prom Movies Carrie vs. PROM









We want to know what Prom-esque movie do you think has a better depiction? The Disney live action “PROM” or Steven King’s horror flick “Carrie”?


f905ab76a2659e8ec1b1f01d6319983f (1)It’s that time of year again: Prom. Which means tons of boys and girls will be figuring out cheesy ways to ask their intended to the dance. We want to know do you think Promposals are good or bad?