Prom Movies Carrie vs. PROM









We want to know what Prom-esque movie do you think has a better depiction? The Disney live action “PROM” or Steven King’s horror flick “Carrie”?


f905ab76a2659e8ec1b1f01d6319983f (1)It’s that time of year again: Prom. Which means tons of boys and girls will be figuring out cheesy ways to ask their intended to the dance. We want to know do you think Promposals are good or bad?


Time 100’s Most Influential People List


Time Magazine does a list of 100 influential people every year. This year’s list includes people like Kanye West and the Pope. We want to know, do you agree with the featured few this year?

Slide the City



A new attraction that will be traveling to cities across the country this summer is an 1,000 foot water slide. Slide the City is placed throughout the streets of major cities as a fun way for anyone to come and cool off in the summer heat. Slide the City is even hitting cities in Ohio like Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, and Columbus. Do you think this giant water slide is a good idea?

School Dress Codes Under Fire



A lot of people have recently taken to social media to express their anger with school dress codes. Many are saying that girls are being heavily ridiculed for their outfit choices based on the idea that they are a distraction to boys in class. How do you feel about school dress codes?

Movie Fights: Soul Surfer and Sharknado

onesheet Sharknado_poster


One movie is a true story of a girl who continues to surf after loosing her arm to a shark attack, another is about a tornado that brings vicious sharks to land. Which one is best?

2015 FlashFest


USG has just announced who will be performing at this year’s FlashFest. Rae Sremmurd and Jeremih will be opening for The Chainsmokers on April 23rd. Are you excited about this year’s acts?