What Makes A Person Attractive?

Presenter Chris Pine poses backstage at the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly HillsHuffington Post recently published an article on the qualities that “make a man attractive.” This article is reminding people of Nash Grier’s infamous video in which he described what makes a woman attractive. The video received lots of backlash and was eventually removed from YouTube.  We think that all of you are beautiful, but we want to know: Do you think that both men and women should stop generalizing beauty in internet lists? Or is this just a fun topic to blog about?

Live Action Disney Movies

mulanIt has just been announced that Disney will begin production on a live action Mulan movie. This news is coming just a bit after the release of the live action Cinderella and news of a live action Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson. Do you think all of these live action movies are a good idea?

Akron is Being Plagued by Serial Poopings


19 incidents of public poopings in Akron have been are being linked to a single perpetrator, with an estimated 100 more undocumented cases. The Akron police have posted a photo on their Facebook page of a man in the act of defecating on someone’s car. They believe he is the one who is behind the 19 incidents. The people who captured the photo say he has defecated on their car 8 times already. There’s probably a reason behind each public defecation, so we were wondering: Is revenge poop a good idea?

Is St. Patrick’s Day Just an Excuse to Drink?


It’s been around for a long time, but not many people seem to even know why St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday. Today, the holiday is known for wild celebrations and lots of drinking. Has St. Patrick’s Day turned into just an excuse to drink?

Battle of the Irish-Themed Movies!

LuckOfTheIrish MPW-29167



In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re reviewing two very different leprechaun movies! The Luck of the Irish is a Disney Channel original movie about a boy who slowly begins to turn into a leprechaun. Leprechaun is about a murderous leprechaun who’s after Jennifer Aniston. Which one do you like best?




Ohio House Egged Hundreds of Times


An 85-year-old man from Euclid, Ohio has been experiencing attacks on his house since March 2014.  His house is continuously egged several times per week, and sometimes multiple times a day. The siding on his home is destroyed, and neither he or the neighbors have any idea who it is. Police have been trying to use surveillance cameras,stakeouts, and even DNA testing to find the culprits, but they have no leads. Do you think these pranksters have gone too far?

Manhattan School Abolishes Homework


A public elementary school in Manhattan has gotten rid of nearly all homework. The school says that rather than homework, the kids should be spending more time playing and with their families. The parents, however, are outraged. They say that no homework hinders the learning experience and makes it difficult for parents to see what their kids are learning. What do you think?