The Truman Show vs. Ed TV

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This week on Movie Fights with Dylan and Megan they need your help deciding which reality tv movie is better, the wacky silly ED TV? Or the somewhat funny kind of serious The Truman Show??

Reality TV, what do you think?


With Fall here, new tv series are getting a shot at being great hits or big flops, the biggest being reality tv. With shows like Survivor (which is in it’s like 50th season) and new shows like a Hunger Games themed reality show on CBS we want to know: What do you think of reality tv?

Pumpkin Spice, is it too much?


Autumn has officially arrived, with the leaves turning and the weather getting a bit chillier everyone’s favorite (or not so favorite) pumpkin flavored everything is back! However, it’s not only Starbucks that have gotten on the pumpkin spice train, everything from food to candles to even blankets have the sweet scent of pumpkin. So we want to know: is this a bit too much?

Megashark vs. Ghostshark


With sharks killing less people than selfies this year and Shark Week becoming like a national holiday (at least I hope so), we pitting two shark movies against each other! What? NO! Not Jaws vs. Sharknado, it’s Megashark vs. Ghostshark! Which horrible Sci-fi channel original movie comes out on top?? Only you can decide!!!

Selfies? Have they gone too far?


Selfies, you love them, you post them and you annoy everyone with them. Unfortunately this year ย more people have died from selfies than shark attacks even! So we want to know: Have selfies gone too far??


Raising Cane’s Sauce


Raising Cane’s famous sauce has been revealed! Thanks to a disgruntled employee who tweeted the recipe after being fired. With other fast food chains like KFC and McDonalds having secret sauces we want to know; should fast food employees have to take the secret sauces to their graves?


Wild Thornberrys VS. Rugrats!


Since we’re on the subject of Nickelodeon shows, two great cartoons got time on the big screen – the Wild Thornberrys and Rugrats! Both are classic, but which had the better movie?