Star Trek vs. Star Trek



In honor of Leonard Nimoy, this week’s movie reviews are two great Star Trek films. The first is the original Wrath of Khan, and the second is the newest movie featuring Khan, Into Darkness.


How Long Should Shows Stay on Air?

NBC "Parks And Recreation" 100th Episode Celebration

Lots of TV shows such as Parks and Rec, Two and a Half Men, and Mad Men are coming to an end this year (or already did). Some great TV shows have about 6 seasons or more, and some less. We’re wondering what a good time for a show to end would be. Do you like short TV stints, or would you rather see your favorite characters on screen for a longer time?

High School Lunches


The debate is still waging on whether or not high school lunches are providing enough healthy options. Some say that they have improved, and others say that they have gotten worse since Michelle Obama’s involvement. What do you think?

Kent take the cold!



Last week Kent State, Akron, and OSU were three of the last schools in Ohio to close – even despite the frigid temperatures and windchill. Although the University said it doesn’t cancel for cold temperatures, we want to know what YOU think! Should the university close classes because of cold temperatures?

Movie time! The Social Network vs. Catfish: The Movie

SN_IT_1-SHT_FRND_1catfish_ver2_xlgDylan and Kiana are back this week to talk about some movies that are all about the likes and wall posts! This week they’re debating which is better: The Social Network or Catfish: The Movie.

Facebook After Death?

FB-Legacy-Contact-422x750Facebook just announced that it will allow users to select a “Legacy Contact” also known as, someone to manage your account after you die. This person will be able to respond to your friend requests and update your profile picture. So we want to know, do you think this is a good idea?

Spiderman vs. Spiderman.


Okay, we get it. Both Spidermen have their own merits. But we want to know, which was your favorite – the original Spider-man or the newer flick, The Amazing Spiderman (Tobey vs. Andrew)?