Should Kent Halloween be on the 31st?


The real Halloween falls on a Friday this year (in case you haven’t heard). The city of Kent and the university, however, are continuing to hold celebrations the week before. What day do you think Kent Halloween should be?



Clowns of America Upset over American Horror Story


Clowns of America International, club for amateur and professional clowns, has recently voiced their anger towards American Horror Story. Glenn Kohlberger, the club’s president, says that they do not support any medium that sensationalizes or adds to clown fear. He also says that Hollywoods likes to take things that are good and pure and turn them into a nightmare. What is your opinion on these sad clowns?

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2015 Nominees


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently announced the list of nominees for 2015’s induction. The 15 nominees are The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Green Day, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Chic, Kraftwerk, The Marvelettes, Nine Inch Nails, Lou Reed, N.W.A., Sting, Stevie Ray Vaughn, War, The Smiths, The Spinners, and Bill Withers. Do you agree with these choices?

Ghostbusters To Be Remade With Female Leads


The beloved Ghostbusters franchise is getting a reboot, except this time it will feature women in the title roles. Some people are happy to see how the reboot will change things, others are upset that the original franchise could get ruined this way. What do you think?

OSU Student Might Lose Scholarship After Running on Field



21 year old Anthony Wunder ran onto the Ohio State football field during a game against Cincinnati. He was promptly tackled by an assistant coach and is now facing punishment towards his actions. He has been suspended from all activities in his scholar program, and OSU is still deciding whether or not to take away his full scholarship. What do you think about this fan’s punishment?

Are These Superhero Shirts Sexist?


Marvel and DC comics are facing criticism about some of their superhero apparel. Some people are claiming that their clothing is promoting the idea that boys are heroes and girls can only date the heroes. Some of their items that have been called sexist include a shirt that says “Training to be Batman’s Wife” and baby onesies – the girl version saying “I only Date Heroes” and the boy’s saying “Future Man of Steel.” What do you think? Are these companies being sexist?

Ohio Woman Changes Her Name To Sexy


Shelia Renea Crabtree from Pataskala, Ohio hated her first name so much that she decided to change it. Her new name is Sexy Renea Crabtree. She chose Sexy over Sinder and Sparkle because Sexy suited her more. We want to know what your opinion on this is, because we honestly have no words!

Woman Claims ‘Frozen’ Stole Her Life Story


Isabella Tanikumi is suing Disney for 250 million dollars with claims that the plot of Frozen is stolen from her autobiography. Her complaint report lists similarities such as the setting, the younger sister falling in love, doors and gates, and more that you can read here:

What do you think about this woman’s complaints?